On this page you will find some addresses for your stay in Bizeljsko. You can make a booking with the help of the given contact data or let us take care of this. This is especially recommended if you want a guided tour, since everything from accommodation to food to the programme comes from a single source. Give us a call or write us using the contact form, we will be happy to advise you.

Vila Istenič

The exceptional location of the villa in the style of a manor house, at the entrance to the Bizeljsko wine region, only 10 km from Brežice and the Ljubljana-Zagreb motorway, speaks for the importance of the building itself and offers absolute privacy to those who want to fully adapt to the lifestyle of a wine region.

Stara vas 7

+386 7 495 15 59


Chef Jure's cooking philosophy is based on respect for tradition and the rediscovery of dishes through an innovative approach to cooking and the use of fresh local ingredients.

His simple dishes surprise with the purity of taste and bold combinations. Only three or four ingredients normally rule the plate in Jure's Restaurant.

Trg izgnancev 7

8250 Brežice

+386 7 49 61 070


Thermal Baths Catez & Olimia


Topliška cesta 35
8251 Čatež ob Savi



Gostilna Šempeter

Šempeter Inn helps Slovenian and local dishes to spread the visibility of Slovenian cuisine for many years. As a sign of quality and hospitality, we have acquired the right to use the brand name Gostilna Slovenija, which stands for authentic Slovenian inns.
We are proud of this mark, which at the same time obliges us to offer our guests a really high-quality meal with excellent service.

Bistrica ob Sotli 9

3256 Bistrica ob Sotli

+386 3 580 42 22