Welcome to Weingut Lipej

Our winery is located in the southeast of Slovenia in the Posavje Bizeljsko-Sremić wine-growing region, approx. 30 kilometres north of Zagreb (capital of Croatia) directly on the border to Croatia. The Bizeljsko-Sremić wine route passes through three villages Sevnica, Krško and Brežice. Due to the good soil and climate conditions, the surrounding area is considered the best wine-growing region in Slovenia. At present the vineyards are planted with about 6000 vines (4500 Pinot Noir, 800 Riesling, 850 Chardonnay) in Stara Vas and 1200 vines (Riesling) in Bušeća Vas. Due to the new plantations and the quantitative restrictions, yields are deliberately kept low. The focus is on the preparation of the red wine. This is traditionally produced according to the criteria of biodynamic cultivation and has already received an award for this